Fredrik was born and raised in Borås, Sweden. He was educated at The Swedish School of Textiles and Design in Borås, Sweden. Besides that he has been studying portrait painting for internationally recognized Natali Hallberg in Stockholm.

Fredrik’s art is based on skillful drawing and is characterized by colors, energy and powerful brushstrokes. He creates exciting contrasts by combining the soft delicacy in the models with the roughness in the backgrounds. The influences from his previous occupation as a fashion designer are obvious, which appear in his later paintings.

Fredrik mainly works in oil but also in charcoal/pencil. The colors he use add energy to the paintings which has become his hallmark. His brushstrokes is powerful and determined to create power in the subject. Fredrik’s art is to influence/capture the viewer using the power of the colors and the fine lines of the drawing.


Artistic Statement

I mainly work in oil where the colors I use and the way I add them create power and energy. I paint in several layers where the underlying colors affect the outer layer. I find the vigor and strength in the colors and increase the impression with powerful brushstrokes.

My art is figurative with abstract influences. The abstract painting is visible in the figures as well as in the backgrounds. I imagine faces as landscapes that are shaped to give a message, a walk through a person’s life.

I have always been fascinated by humans and to create a feeling where human being interacts with the background. In my late paintings I create contrasts by combining the soft delicacy in the models with the roughness in the backgrounds. I take influences from my previous job as a fashion designer, in the shape of models, clothing and fashion photography. But unlike today’s fashion photo shoots I don’t retouch. Instead I choose to highlight the character and attitude to give them life and personality.